Charity and Social Causes

We at Scorpion Scales, believe that with growth in business comes moral and social responsibility. Our business growth is not only a growth for our team and employees, but also an opportunity for us to help the poor, destitute, sick and deprived brothers of our society. To contribute to the welfare and up-lifting of those who cannot stand for themselves and who are neglected by the society at large.

Therefore, as a policy, we contribute 1% of our total profits from Scorpion Scales business, to various social causes. For this we have tied up with various organizations like SMILE foundation, Noida Eye Care, and various missionary organizations to reach out to those in need.


With the help of SMILE foundation ,we are funding and helping in educating small destitute and orphan children who are deprived of education due to poverty.

We have funded with the help of Noida Eye Care Hospital, the eye surgery of such elderly people, from rural areas, who are either very poor or have been left destitute by their descendants. We organize camps in villages to identify such people, do their medical check-up, bring them to the hospital, organize their eye surgery, food and lodging, and dropping them back. We have managed to get the eyes of 65 people so far in the past two years.


We at Scorpion Scales also take a trip to the remote forests of the state of Jharkhand, which is around 1000 miles from Delhi, twice a year. We approach the patients of leprosy in the remote villages in the forests where they live in places that are more like ghettos. Far away from the city, these people live like outcasts in the middle of forests. These people are supported by some missionaries, and we organize our trips to these villages to distribute food packages and clothes to these deprived and unfortunate human brothers of ours.


We stand firm on our pledge to support as many kids, elderly, poor, destitute and sick people as possible, from our business. We at Scorpion Scales feel that our business and growth is just a way of God's effort to help out these needy people and we are a small instrument in His help to these special people, who are closer to Him, than any of us. Therefore any growth in our business is a growth in our efforts to give back to the society.

Charity for the needful